When You’re Too Busy (check in post)

When You’re Too Busy (check in post)

It happened again. I got too busy to devote any time to matthewiscoe.com – and that’s too bad. But it’s also a good thing, right? Busy is good it if translates into accomplishment. For me, it has.

As the rain pours down outside, and I try to settle in for the night before a busy day tomorrow, I’m reminded to to take some of the advice I give sell to clients who are always too busy to do things like blog. And that is: Share three resources you’ve used in the past 10 hours. Even if it is Saturday night.

The reason for three resources is that it forces clients to think about more than the immediate thing on their minds, which is usually causing the perception of writer’s block to being with. And the reason for the 10 hour time frame is it provides a larger spectrum to find useful insights while remaining totally digestible.

Here are my three resources:

      This LifeHacker article on how to respond to potential commitments in order to prevent your schedule from becoming overbearing: http://lifehacker.com/only-respond-to-commitments-with-either-no-or-hell-y-1714400973

      I used Microsoft Sharepoint to update the order of several Excel documents with a colleague in another timezone without using any email, phone, or text messages between us. 1 hour of work took a few moments.

      I added a few new music videos to one playlist on YouTube and some motivational talks to another YouTube list so I can choose a customized pump-me-up session from where ever I can access YouTube.

What are three resources you’ve used in the past 10 hours?

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