Oh, Canada (Check In Post)

Oh, Canada (Check In Post)

I just got back from a trip to Canada. A short trip, but rather nice. I stayed in a great hotel. I ate at fantastic restaurants. I did some “local” and touristy things.

There’s just one thing I wasn’t counting on: spending so much.

It seems strange, but each day of the trip I needed to exchange more cash. And that’s the lesson, both personally and for any business.

See, when I’m in the US, I stay in great hotels, eat well, and explore the area just like I did on my trip north. But here I use credit cards. In Canada I used cash.

Now, this isn’t a tale about debt, reckless spending, or buying for the sake of it. It’s a matter of perspectives. I actually didn’t spend any more than usual in Canada — it just felt that way because I was paying in a different way. (Also, Canadian 20s are quite a spectacle with a clear plastic piece that makes up a good portion of the bills.)

Much of what I’ve being saying in the Mistruths of the Mind series is how the brain makes shortcuts. When we jolt our minds even in the slightest way (such as using cash over cards) it distorts our beliefs, emotions, and reality.

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