Crazy, Stupid, Easy (Check In Post)

Crazy, Stupid, Easy (Check In Post)

Okay, here’s my $25,000 consulting advice that I’m giving away to you simply because 1) It really isn’t a secret; 2) It’s so easy to do.

One of the biggest issues professional service providers face is billing for their time. When you bill only for your time, all you have to compete against is your hourly rate. The logic is that you’ll do a better job for your client in 10 hours than you would in 9.5 hours.

The issue is one of trust. Clients will always say, “It took you THAT LONG to do your job!?!” See how you only have yourself to compete with in that situation?

The better option is this approach: Write down for yourself everything that you can do and are willing to do for a paying client. This should be a detailed, exhaustive, hand-cramping process. But now, with that list at the ready, start to see which of your services play nicely with each other.

So, if among your list you have design direct mail pieces, create newspaper ads, and design print brochures these could go together. Why? Because they are all print-based. (This is just an example, not a suggestion.)

Continue making groups of any size from your list. You may have some overlaps.

When you are done, take a step back. What you are looking at are your service packages. Now you have something other than your hourly rate to sell. You have packages of neatly grouped services.

The advantage? Your packages now compete against one another. Certainly one will win, and you won’t have to stick up for your time.

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