When You’re Too Busy (check in post)

It happened again. I got too busy to devote any time to - and that's too bad. But it's ...
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The DMV as Unusual (Check In Post)

Say what you will about the DMV, and you invariably will. For various reasons, I've had to deal with the ...
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2015 – A Year of New

It's a new year. But 2015 is also a year of new. What I mean is that this year will ...
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The Marketer on Your List

This isn't a post filled with Amazon associate links in the hopes that I'll make $0.13. Rather, I've picked three ...
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A Personal Vision (Check In Post)

In helping to define and write company vision statements -- something that has popped up a few time recently for ...
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Mistruths of the Mind [part 6 of 10]

Much like the 4th Mistruth of the Mind, this one is all about reframing the matter at hand by switching ...
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