A Personal Vision (Check In Post)

A Personal Vision (Check In Post)

In helping to define and write company vision statements — something that has popped up a few time recently for me — one thing becomes apparent: many people haven’t defined their own personal vision.

A vision should be a concise statement about an attainable, appealing future that would require some change in the status quo in order to attain. A vision should inspire and challenge, energize and motivate, and bridge today to the foreseeable future.

It’s beneficial to companies. And it’s beneficial to individuals. The latter rarely gets much attention.

To shine light on it for yourself, decide if the following questions about you are true:

  • There’s a reason for my life
  • That reason is meaningful
  • That meaning is my calling
  • My calling serves a purpose
  • Pursuing that purpose is fulfilling
  • I can describe what my true fulfillment will be like
  • I share my vision with others

If any of these aren’t true, challenge yourself to find the answers to them.

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