2015 – A Year of New

2015 – A Year of New

It’s a new year. But 2015 is also a year of new. What I mean is that this year will be filled with many new things for me. It’s exciting to think about, plan for, and wait to arrive.

First, there are the givens. These I’m not setting as intentions because they are already set as inevitable. I will have new job in 2015. And because of the natural cycle of work, I will also have new clients. I’ll have new colleagues, mentors, staff, and bosses. I will be in a new home that I’m moving into in just a few days. The home is in a new city. In fact, a new state.

This means I’ll also have a new route to learn, a new area to explore, new restaurants to discover, and new neighbors to meet.

Because of the new “givens” there are new expectations. I expect I’ll have a new income level or at least a new potential to earn more. I expect that I’ll meet new people and find some new friends.

Beside these expectations, there are also resolutions new to 2015. I intend to get a new wardrobe. I intend to participate in some new activities and recreation — or at least ones I haven’t done in a while. I intend to get a new computer and new car. I intend to grow this blog.

Everything that’s above, while new per se, is also not new. I’ve had all those things before, from new jobs to new neighbors to new computers. This is simply the cycle, which is nothing new at all.

So what really is “new” for the new year? All these givens, expectations, and intentions don’t cover it. If you keep asking yourself that question, challenging every answer you come up with, you may finally come to conclude that you can only provide for yourself a new mindset.

2015 is also about a new perspective. And that’s something new you can have any day of the year.

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